About Plant Dyes

Our plant dyed pieces are hand dyed in small batches with flowers and other plant material grown from seed in our garden in New Mexico.

The process of plant dyeing is a slow one, taking several days to prep and allow fabric and plants to meet and make magic.

Plant dyes are alive, creating gorgeous colors that shift in different lighting and may slowly and beautifully mature over time. Each batch is completely unique, as color varies with the water source, plant material, and season of harvest.

Artificial/conventional dyes are made with chemicals derived from nonrenewable energy sources, such as coal or petroleum, that can irritate or be absorbed through skin, and residuals from conventional textile manufacturing pollute our environment. In comparison, plant dyes are biodegradable, offer a second life to food waste such tea leaves and avocado seeds, and can be grown in our own gardens. They are also gentler and safer on skin, body, and planet.

We dye on natural fibers exclusively, such as silk and bamboo. Natural fibers feel so lovely on skin and bring a different energy to body, allowing it to breathe and move comfortably. They're also more sustainable, biodegradable, durable (longer lasting!), and safer for both consumers and factory workers than synthetic fibers.