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Whole Plant Skincare & Plant Dyed Silks

Slowly handcrafted with herbs, flowers, and raw ingredients from sustainable family farms to nourish body & being.

Since using Floral Serum and Rose Mist my skin is less red, more even toned, no break outs and even my scarring is fading! I have never used skin care products that have improved my skin this much and consistently like these have! Please don't ever stop making this—it's my holy grail face serum!


I used the sample vial of Floral Serum every evening for a week last winter, and my redness and dry skin/windburn from biking in Seattle was finally quenched. When I ran out of the sample...I had to get [my new glowing skin] back! The full sized serum looks beautiful on my counter and feels amazing on my skin.

I love the simplicity of Sun Sister skincare—it isn’t about overhauling your skin's pH or burning your acne off—just clean, beautiful plants nourishing your body so it can fend for itself!

Hannah B.

I never rave about skincare or reach out to brands but this felt beyond necessary. I recently bought your Rose Mist while in Kauai and it has transformed my skin over the past few weeks. I am officially a glowy skin girl because of this wonderful product. Have dealt with skin issues for too long (finally getting it under control through naturopath) and now your product is giving me this next level look of health. I never thought a skincare product could really impact my skin but wow I was wrong. Thank you x100000

Brigitte C.

I have quite thin and brittle hair that needs all of the moisture it can get. Hair Oil is a perfect overnight potion to bring some vitality back to my curls. I massage a few drops on my lengths about once a week before bed, or whenever I notice my frizz getting out of control. In the morning when I rinse my hair, it feels conditioned and smooth... I love that it is handmade from only plants.

Hannah B.

Mindful ritual has been a source of comfort and peace for me during the past turbulent year. My morning and evening skin and hair care routines became little parts of my day that helped me feel at ease and like I could take a deep breath were so vital to my mental well-being. The Sun Sister products were the perfect catalyst for such practices. Made with such heavenly botanicals and with such deep intention, the facial mistFloral Serum and Hair Oil all became trusted and lovely fixtures in my self care. I cannot recommend Sun Sister’s products enough. I gift them to friends and family every chance I get because I want them to enjoy the same simple healing and delight.