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Whole Plant Skincare & Solar Infusions

Our skincare is crafted from vibrant, whole-plant ingredients—farm-fresh herbs & flowers slowly release their medicinal properties into raw plant oils, and fresh flowers & leaves alchemize into aromatic hydrosols.

Whole-plant-infused oils, paired with our plant hydrosols, are the foundation of our botanical skincare. Our botanical oils are gently solar-infused with whole plants over many moons. This traditional process allows the full benefits of each plant to slowly and organically extract into the oil base with the warmth and energy of the sun, while maintaining the integrity of our organic and cold-pressed oils.

Whole plant skincare is truly a holistic approach to natural skincare. Working with a plant in its whole form provides a complete and synergistic balance of plant compounds, that are recognized by and work in harmony with body, to bring radiance and vitality to skin, hair, and being.




Ingredient Sourcing

Our raw ingredients are sourced directly from organic family farms with a focus on regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture supports healthier soil, in turn producing healthier and more nutrient-rich herbs, flowers, and plant oils. Ingredients from small farms are also far more fresh, contributing to richer nutrient and antioxidant content that deeply nourishes skin and hair.

Some examples of our sourcing:

-- Our organic, OOCC-certified, extra virgin olive fruit oil is grown on a sustainable family farm in Northern California and cold-extracted in a traditional process. Our current batch was harvested in Fall 2020.

-- Our organic, golden jojoba seed oil is grown and pressed on a sustainable family farm in Southwestern Arizona. Each batch is pressed fresh for us after we place our order directly with the farmer.

-- Our organic herbs and flowers are sourced from sustainable and regenerative family farms in the United States (primarily Oregon and Vermont) whenever possible/available.




A Less-Is-More Approach to Skincare

Skincare should be uncomplicated—free of fillers, overly processed ingredients (even naturally-derived ones), 10-step routines, and disruption to skin barrier. When we compromise our skin barrier with complicated products, we end up with dry/dehydrated skin, sensitivity and irritation, premature aging, and other concerns like acne and eczema.

We believe in simplifying skincare to nutrient-rich, whole-plant ingredients. Pair our Floral Serum with one of our plant hydrosols to deeply nourish skin without the extra fillers, emulsifiers, and preservatives. This potent oil-and-water combination supports and restores the skin's hydrolipid barrier to bring a soft, healthy, and balanced glow to your complexion.




Why Plant Dyes & Natural Fibers

The process of plant dyeing is slow and intentional, taking several days to prep and allow fabric and plants to meet and make magic, and offering a deeper connection with the earth as we co-create beauty. Plant dyes are alive, creating gorgeous colors that shift in different lighting and may slowly and beautifully mature over time. Each batch is completely unique, as color varies with the water source, plant material, and season of harvest.

Artificial/conventional dyes are made with chemicals derived from nonrenewable energy sources, such as coal or petroleum, that can irritate or be absorbed through skin, and residuals from conventional textile manufacturing pollute our environment. In comparison, plant dyes are biodegradable, offer a second life to food waste such tea leaves and avocado seeds, and can be grown in our own gardens. They are also gentler and safer on skin, body, and planet.

We dye on natural fibers exclusively, such as silk and bamboo, and encourage conscious consumption of clothing and other textiles. Natural fibers feel so lovely on skin and bring a different energy to body, allowing it to breathe and move comfortably. They're also more sustainable, biodegradable, durable (longer lasting!), and safer for both consumers and factory workers than synthetic fibers.





One of our core values is to create a positive environmental impact. For us, this includes:

-- Working with whole plant infusions and lower concentrations of essential oils for a more sustainable use of plant material

-- Working exclusively with plant dyes—often created from leftover food scraps—and ethically-sourced natural fibers, which are safer and generally more sustainable for skin, body, and environment

-- Encouraging a more sustainable way of living: fewer and less complicated skincare products, simple and accessible self-care practices, conscious consumption of clothing and other textiles—buying fewer natural pieces that are gentler on our planet and that last

-- Sourcing our organic ingredients from sustainable, US family farms

-- Ordering our labels from a small, eco-friendly printer with sustainability goals

-- Partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in North American reforestation projects with each order

And more! We hope our beautiful, handcrafted goods offer an opportunity to live further in alignment with earth and plants.