Why We Only Dye on Natural Fibers

These past few years I’ve become more and more drawn to wearing natural fibers (organic cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, silk...) and letting go of the rest.

Natural fibers feel so lovely on skin. They bring a different energy to body, allowing it to breathe and move comfortably. They’re also more sustainable, biodegradable, and durable (longer lasting!) Then with a gorgeous natural fiber, like silk… there’s such a beauty in adorning ourselves in silk, especially when it’s been dyed with plants.

Unfortunately synthetic textiles—such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon—pose health and environmental risks. Polyester, a plastic product of petroleum, has been linked to health issues in both consumers and factory workers. On top of that, synthetic fibers are non-biodegradable and cause pollution to air and waterways.

Because of this we only work with natural textiles at Sun Sister and encourage conscious consumption of clothing and other textiles—buying fewer natural pieces that last.

Do you feel a difference when wearing natural fibers vs synthetic?



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