Why You Need to Use Your Face Oil With a Hydrosol

If you use a face oil but your skin still feels dry or dull, try pairing your face oil with a hydrosol!

Our skin barrier, also known as the hydrolipidic (oil and water) film, is the outermost layer of water, lipids, and other parts that protects against external stressors like bacteria or pollution. A damaged barrier will result in dryness, dullness, irritation, and other issues, while a healthy barrier retains moisture and hydration for soft, calm, radiant skin.

Pairing your face oil with a hydrosol (pure plant water) provides a simple balance of oil and water to help nourish your skin barrier, which needs both substances to stay hydrated and moisturized, allowing the skin’s natural regenerative process to take over.

Standard moisturizers mix water and lipids too, but they also contain emulsifiers, preservatives, and inactive fillers to keep the two from separating and to prevent spoilage, which eventually occurs whenever oil and water are combined in a product.

Pairing your face oil with a hydrosol allows you to create a potent botanical moisturizer without the unnecessary inactive ingredients.

Each plant hydrosol even has its own special active effects, similar to those of their essential oil counterparts but more sustainable and gentler on the skin. For example, while our hydrosols are soothing and hydrating for all skin types, our Tulsi Hydrosol wakes up dull, tired skin, and our Clary Sage Hydrosol clarifies congested skin.

Try mixing Floral Serum with several sprays of our hydrosols between your hands before massaging into damp skin. You’ll find that the product will glide on and melt even more deeply into the skin, leaving you with a radiant glow!



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