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The Story Behind Floral Serum

About seven years ago I was living a very different lifestyle in a tiny pre-war apartment in Manhattan’s Little Italy, with a spacious red fire escape that looked over our tiny backyard (I know, so rare in Manhattan!)

I’d been struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation and had grown frustrated with the conventional approach of harsh topicals and prescriptions, which just wasn’t working for me. So I chose to take a holistic approach to healing my skin—taking a closer look at my lifestyle—and I got really excited about making my own natural skincare.

I’d spend weekends mixing up different oils in little amber glass bottles, taking note of their effects, scents, and how they felt. Over the years, I refined the formula for what eventually grew into Floral Serum, a combination of the oils most nourishing and effective and that brought a healthy glow to the skin.

Once I studied herbalism, I knew I could craft an even more potent oil serum by incorporating whole plant infusions, a traditional process offering a synergistic balance of skin-loving plant compounds.

Today Floral Serum is packed with organic oils, herbs, and flowers from small, sustainable farms, which are more concentrated in the antioxidants and nutrients that are so amazing for your skin.

Floral Serum is a potent yet uncomplicated, one-step oil serum that nourishes, repairs, and balances skin for a soft, renewed glow.

Crafted in small batches with my own hands, as always.



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