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Sourcing and Sustainability

As Sun Sister grows it’s increasingly become a priority of mine to work with American grown plants and small family farms with a focus on regenerative farming and sustainability and to help create positive changes for our planet.

Some examples of where we source from:

· Our organic, OOCC-certified, extra virgin olive fruit oil is grown on a sustainable family farm in Northern California, where it's then cold-extracted in a traditional process

· Our organic golden jojoba oil is grown and pressed on a sustainable, second-generation family farm in Arizona

· Our raw honey is sourced from a conscious bee farm in our county in Florida

· The plant dyes we work with are provided by food scraps, spent tea leaves, or sustainably farmed plants

· We’ve partnered with small, regenerative family farms in Oregon and Vermont to grow the majority of our organic herbs, and we work with herbs from our own organically-grown garden as much as available

It's so important to me to know exactly where our raw materials come from, to offer you the freshness and exceptional quality resulting from mindful farming practices, to be able to speak with these passionate farmers and their teams directly, and to invest in local farms and sustainable and regenerative practices.

We’ve recently partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one new tree wherever it’s needed most on our planet with each order placed through our site. We also reduce our waste and plastic use as much as we can, packing your packages with paper, preferring to work with suppliers who do the same, and reusing any plastic packing materials we receive.

And of course all of our products are 100% natural, organic, and handmade in small batches with simple, gentle, and effective ingredients; packaged in glass bottles with labels from a small, environmentally conscious printer; and we work with whole botanical infusions and low concentrations of essential oils for a significantly more sustainable use of plant material.

We’re always researching new local suppliers to source our raw ingredients from and looking for new ways to benefit our environment. We love to hear from you too—please don't hesitate to reach out if you feel called to share any thoughts or ideas with us.


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