Venus Bath & Massage Ritual

I love Venus rituals for when we're needing a little extra self care and nourishment. This bath and massage ritual is intended to nourish the skin and being, release stress and tension, improve circulation and lymphatic flow, and of course offer a big boost of self love.

Epsom salt
Dried flowers in a tied cloth bag (calendula, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, rose, etc)
Organic olive oil
Hydrosol or spring water in a mist bottle
Calming herbal tea

Extras (Optional)
Dry brush and/or gua sha stone
Raw honey
Beeswax candles
Blessing herb (incense, cedar leaf, resins, etc)
Floral Serum and Radiance Oil


1. Dry Brush *If you don't have a dry brush you can skip this step

Dry body brushing helps energize and exfoliate the skin, improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic flow, and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Gently dry brush with light pressure, starting from the tops of your feet and sweeping upwards your legs and arms towards the heart space. Sweep from the center of your breasts outward and down the neck and shoulders.

2. Bath

Set crystals and candles safely around the bath or bathroom.

Add tied bag of dried flowers, 1-2 cups epsom salt, 1/4 cup olive oil, and 1/2 cup raw honey to hot bath water (be sure to test the water temperature before stepping in!)

Safely light your blessing herb and set an intention.

Sink into the bath while sipping your calming herbal tea, checking in with yourself, breathing deeply, reading a good book, or anything else you love that you can safely enjoy in the bath! 

3. Breast Massage

After you've rinsed and dried off, take your Radiance Oil, olive oil, or any other organic body oil and gently massage each breast in a circular motion, one at a time. Move to the outer breast and armpit, gently massaging upward toward the shoulder joint. You may want to continue massaging away any tension in the neck and shoulders.

Read about the benefits of breast massage here.

4. Gua Sha *If you don't have a Gua Sha stone you can skip this step or instead practice gentle manual facial massage

I've found Gua Sha to be incredible for the skin, providing immediate results. Gua Sha helps increase circulation and clear lymphatic congestion, clear and plump the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone the skin, and relax tension and stress.

I love using a Gua Sha stone with 1-2 dropperful of Floral Serum + a couple mists of hydrosol each night. You can also work with olive oil, or any other organic oil that's safe for the face, with a few mists of spring water. This tutorial is my favorite, very complete and effective.

Be sure to drink a lot of water during and after your rituals. Wrap yourself in something warm and soft before heading to bed early. 



Cover Image by Erwin Blumenfeld

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  • Lovely blog post and this bath ritual sounds so heavenly! It is something I must try over the weekend! Your body oil is the best I’ve ever used! It applies like a dream and smells so beautiful! It is the perfect way to care for and to show some extra love to my skin after a shower! 💛


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