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Support the Lymph to Clear Out Stagnation & Old Energy

There’s a clear shift and feeling of lightness as we move into spring, with increasingly longer days, more sunshine, more movement. Our bodies have more energy, wanting to move, to connect with others, to spend time outdoors. We can support body in this shift, helping to release any stagnation, to clear and make fresh space, by offering an extra dose of love and attention to our lymph as we wake up from the dark and quiet of winter.

Supporting healthy lymphatic flow is so important for healthy, radiant skin and self. The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating toxins and waste, while helping to distribute fresh cells and nutrients throughout body, and relies on external stimulation—like dry brushing, lymphatic herbs, movement, breathwork—to drain and protect against build up.

Because of the close connection between the lymphatic system and skin, stagnation of the lymph will show in the skin via congestion, dullness, and puffiness. Lymphatic congestion can also result in fatigue, brain fog, bloating, weak immunity, poor circulation (cold hands & feet), and more.

The breasts are a significant location for our lymphatic system—there’s a large cluster of lymph nodes close to the breasts—and through breast massage we can encourage drainage and proper functioning of the lymph. Practicing breast massage can also help us release energetic congestion that builds up in the heart space, emotions and energies that weigh us down, like heartache and grief.

RADIANCE OIL for breast & body was formulated with lymphatic herbs like Calendula and Red Clover to encourage healthy lymphatic flow and circulation. These herbs also help us clear energetic congestion from the heart and lungs, while opening and softening the emotional heart, helping us shed old layers for a lighter, more radiant self.



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