Hair Oil for a Healthy Scalp (and Healthier Hair) + A Hair Oiling Ritual

If you’d like longer, stronger, more lustrous hair, start with a healthy scalp!

Our scalp contains 100,000 hair follicles, the health of which are crucial for strong and healthy hair growth. If our scalp is unhealthy, our hair will grow thin and weak from unhealthy follicles, making it prone to conditions like dryness and breakage.

We can identify an unhealthy scalp if:

· it’s dry, itchy, or flaky
· it’s red and inflamed
· it’s excessively oily
· our hair is falling out or its texture has changed

To keep the hair follicles healthy, our scalp needs to be clear of dead skin, dandruff, and inflammation. With a healthy scalp, our hair grows longer, stronger, and fuller, with increased shine and softness, and reduced breakage and split ends.

Our Hair Oil is a nourishing blend of cedar, horsetail, lavender, nettle, and rosemary infused into Arizona-grown jojoba oil, supporting health of scalp by:

· calming irritation and inflammation
· increasing cellular turnover of dead skin cells to cleanse and purify
· improving circulation to stimulate longer, thicker hair growth
· moisturizing for reduced dryness and flakiness
· balancing excess oil production
· reducing free radical damage to the hair follices

Before washing my curls, I take the time to slowly massage a few dropperfuls of Hair Oil into my scalp and strands, breathing in the intoxicating scent of jasmine flowers and moving into a state of deep self care and nourishment. Since starting this practice, my previously dry and inflamed scalp has become clear and moisturized, and my curls have grown softer and shinier with less frizz and breakage.

If you’d like to practice this simple ritual:

1. Gently brush out your hair, making sure to brush your scalp as well
2. Slowly massage several dropperfuls of Hair Oil through your scalp and hair
3. Brush through and tie back for at least an hour of overnight before washing



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