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Guide: How To Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy self & scalp. Some ways we can support healthy hair are by:

1. Intake of foods/nutrients that support stronger, thicker, and healthier growth, including biotin (eggs, sweet potato), folate (spinach, asparagus), vitamin c (bell pepper, citrus), and healthy fats (avocado, fatty fish)

2. Drinking herbal infusions and teas with herbs like nettle leaf, which helps hair loss caused by mineral deficiency (try our Nourish Tisane), and rosemary, which stimulates blood flow to the head, in turn stimulating growth

3. Minimizing daily stress via movement, deep belly breaths, connecting with community, and making time for things that bring joy

4. Wearing looser/relaxed hairstyles to prevent hair loss caused by strain or pulling hair in one direction, or switching out protective hairstyles to give scalp a break

5. Clearing scalp inflammation & increasing skin cell turnover, which can be affected by product and dead skin cell buildup, excess oil production, free radical damage, or irritated scalp conditions. An inflamed scalp will limit growth and cause shedding

6. Using gentle, plant-based hair products that don’t strip or irritate scalp to reduce inflammation and excess oil production, and which provide nutrients/antioxidants

7. Practicing scalp massage & hair oiling, helping to stimulate the hair follicles to encourage hair growth and promote thicker hair; increase circulation to bring a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles; relax tension of scalp, which can otherwise affect circulation; and relax overall stress and tension

With the right product, scalp massage can also help to clear inflammation, increase skin cell turnover, and reduce free radical damage.

Our HAIR OIL is perfect for scalp massage and overall health of scalp & hair, with antioxidant & nutrient rich botanicals that help to:

· calm inflammation
· improve circulation
· promote skin cell turnover
· clarify excess oil production
· and reduce free radical damage to the hair follicles

Ultimately encouraging thicker, healthier hair growth!



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