Grounding Self-Care Practices for Autumn

Autumn is a time of transition; leaves begin to fall in many parts of the US, daylight decreases, and the weather grows cooler, drier, and windier.

When our external environment shifts, we can maintain balance by adjusting our diet and lifestyle. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite autumn self-care practices—the idea is to invite in warmth, groundedness, slowing down, and moisture/hydration.

· Make a cup of warming chai.

· Eat slow cooked meals with root vegetables & spices.

· Massage body with warm sesame oil.

· Clean and clear your space.

· Practice nourishing, restorative yoga poses.

· Take a bath with epsom salt, raw honey, and oils.

· Stay hydrated with spring water & herbal teas/infusions.

· Follow a restful, consistent sleep schedule.


In terms of skincare, my autumn routine looks like this:

Cleanser: This summer I'd switched to a purifying, but still gentle, cleansing mud due to the extreme humidity in Florida. Now that the weather is growing drier, I'm returning to a gentle cleansing milk. Oil cleansing or raw honey are also so nourishing.

Hydration: I love reaching for our Tulsi Hydrosol this time of year. Tulsi is an energetically warming and calming herb that purifies and revitalizes dry/dull/or congested skin. Plus, its spicy, herbaceous scent is perfect for autumn.

Moisture: I use Floral Serum year-round. If I find my skin needs more moisture or it’s especially cold/dry/windy out, I’ll mix in a rice-sized amount of unrefined shea butter to further seal in hydration and protect the skin.

Dry Brushing: In the mornings I practice facial dry brushing, which encourages lymphatic flow to improve dull skin, dark circles, puffiness, and congestion. It also gently invigorates and lightly exfoliates the skin.


Enjoy these tips!



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