Grief, Breath, and Radiance Oil

It goes without saying that this year has been a hard one. Not only are we facing the loss of those who have passed, but we feel the loss of community, freedoms, normalcy. There are moments when I experience the weight of this time deeply, feeling exhausted and unable to breathe with ease.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are connected to grief. Our lungs receive and release breath, moving through the cycle of life as we invite in new experience and let go of the past.

Grief and sadness weaken the lungs. We feel tired, heavy, and unable to breathe fully, even becoming more susceptible to physical symptoms like catching colds. Grief demands us to slow down and turn inward to process the depth of our emotion, rebuilding our energy so we can return to the world with our full expression.

When I came to the idea of Radiance Oil, I wanted to create a breast oil connecting us to the emotional heart. I infused Calendula, Red Clover, and Rose for their beautifying, lymph-moving, and heart-opening effects, but something was missing.

Sitting with the oil for a while, it came to me—Red Cedar. Cedar respiratory steams not only support lung health, but applied externally, Cedar energetically helps us move stagnant emotion from the heart and lungs.

When using with intention, you’ll find that Radiance Oil can be powerful for moving through unresolved grief that leaves us heavy and depleted, supporting a lighter, more open heart and self.

When I use Radiance Oil for breast massage, I prepare a quiet space and take a moment to lean into the depth of my experience. With full belly breaths, I imagine grief moving from the center of my chest out to the edges of my being and releasing, leaving me more expansive and radiant as I shed heavy layers of the past.

I invite you to think of a simple self care practice you can bring into your day to help support you through this time. It can be anything from making a cup of tea in the morning, taking a moment to sit in the sun, or practicing a night time body oiling ritual.

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