Floral Serum for Hyperpigmentation

A few years ago when I first began to clear up my cystic acne, I was still left with dark marks across my cheeks. The worst part was that the marks would take forever to fade—up to a year!

I remember feeling so frustrated because I wanted to stop wearing foundation to let my skin breathe and to reveal my new, healthy glow. But I was struggling with my confidence and was afraid to let anyone see the marks, even though I knew that wearing makeup all the time (even to sweaty yoga classes) would cause more breakouts. It felt like a never ending cycle.

Hyperpigmentation can effect all skin types and tones. It can be caused by sun damage, acne, eczema flare ups, hormonal changes, or trauma to the skin, and it’s more common in those of us with darker skin tones because of the presence of increased melanin in our skin.

I tried different approaches to fade my hyperpigmentation, from facial peels done by a trusted holistic esthetician to exfoliating acids like P50 lotion and other gentler, natural versions. While the peels and acids initially lightened the marks, they ultimately stripped my skin barrier and ended up causing more breakouts and other problems in the long run.

Three steps ultimately contributed to evening out my skin and preventing hyperpigmentation from forming:

1.  Protecting my face from excess sun exposure with a sun hat, since sunlight can aggravate the appearance of hyperpigmentation
2.  Cutting out the extra products and treatments and supporting my skin barrier with gentle, whole plant skincare instead, which in turn allows the skin’s natural regenerative process to take over
3.  Using an early version of Floral Serum, which not only nourishes and supports our skin barrier, but also contains regenerative properties that don’t strip the skin

Floral Serum features regenerative botanical ingredients like Sea Buckthorn Oil, Helichrysum, and Calendula to:

· Promote accelerated cell renewal and regeneration to speed up healing of breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and scarring
· Supply Vitamin C, carotenoids, and other antioxidants to repair sun damage that can cause hyperpigmentation, to inhibit extra melanin production to prevent dark spots from forming, and to brighten existing spots

Addressing hyperpigmentation holistically asks for patience, however the more we patiently support our skin’s health, the more resilient and radiant our skin becomes.



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