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Recipe: Chai Latte with Rose Infused Honey

Each afternoon I pause to make a chai latte with rose honey, a sweet moment to slow down and check in with myself. Rose is my favorite plant ally for a weary, heavy heart, lifting the spirit and offering comfort and protection in vulnerable moments and times of grief.

I love the delicious combination of sweet rose with chai spice, a blend of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, and clove, warming herbs that improve digestive function, relax tension, relieve pain, and increase circulation.

A chai latte with warm oat milk and a touch of rose honey is perfect for moments of quiet, rainy or snowy days, or to offer a bit of peace and comfort.

Rose-Infused Honey

1. Fill a clean jar halfway with fresh* or dry rose petals.
2. Pour local raw honey over the rose petals to the top of the jar.
3. Close the jar securely and leave in a warm place to infuse, turning the jar over 1-2 times per day to make sure the rose petals are moving through the honey.
4. Strain into a fresh jar after 3-4 weeks. Store in a cool, dry place.

*Notes on fresh rose petals:
· Allow fresh rose petals to wilt for several hours before infusing in honey.
· Be sure your fresh rose petals are organically grown.

Chai Latte

Whisk 1/4 tsp chai powder (I love Blue Lotus Chai) into 8 oz of warm oat milk. Sweeten with 1 tsp rose-infused honey, or to taste. Serves one.


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