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The Importance of Breast Massage

Practicing breast massage as a self-care ritual can be emotionally healing, nurturing, and clearing, while providing physical benefits and promoting breast health. Some reasons why I love this practice: 

-- Feels nurturing & relaxing, releases oxytocin (love & connection hormone)

-- Helps to release breast pain & tenderness

-- Provides a chance to check in with the emotional heart and to clear stagnant emotion & energetic attachments

-- May tone the breasts and minimize sagging or stretch marks

-- Offers an opportunity to nurture a relationship with the breasts, or to reclaim them if they haven’t felt like a space of safety in the past

-- Familiarizes us with our breasts to better identify any abnormal changes

-- Supports FLOW: lymphatic, circulatory, energetic, and more

The lymphatic system in particular is closely linked to breast health, as the breast area contains an abundance of lymph nodes. Encouraging lymphatic flow supports elimination of toxins and waste, while circulating oxygen, immune cells, and nutrients.

I love massaging directly onto skin with 2-3 pumps of Radiance Oil. Radiance Oil is slowly solar-infused with beautifying, lymph-moving herbs to nurture & support breast health and to keep the delicate skin of the breasts healthy & supple.


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